Army and Navy Academy is a Gurian Institute Model School

“Our boys need us now in ways they have not before.  They are being raised in a very complex world and many of their support systems and developmental frameworks have crumbled.  As we bring our passionate attention to boys today, and come together to nurture, support, and educate them well, we give a gift not only to them, but to our families, communities, and culture.”

– Michael Gurian  

Committed to proven teaching methods designed specifically for boys and the ways that they learn best, the Gurian Institute named Army and Navy Academy as the tenth Gurian Institute Model School in the nation, designating the school as a leader in single gender education.

Gurian Model Schools utilize methodologies designed specifically for the minds of girls or boys, depending on the school. For boys, these techniques can be as simple as offering stress-balls for students to access during class to engage their brains through physical motion, and center around the idea of incorporating as many different sensory experiences into learning as possible. As research has shown, the more senses involved, the more male students are likely to retain information.

As you may know, boys and girls really do learn differently and there are biological reasons behind these gender differences. Army and Navy Academy utilizes instructional techniques tailored to how boy’s brains work, learn, and become motivated to reach their full potential. Stand up desks, fidget toys, hands-on exercise, technology, movement, music, team-building, and much more are incorporated into the classroom. 

For over a century, we have demonstrated our deep understanding of boys; the distinction as a Gurian Model School certification simply serves to validate our 107 history of the “Warrior Way”.

As the President likes to say “we are an extraordinary school for extraordinary young men.” Boys who come to the Academy suffering from a bad experience in a former school, do better and boys who were doing well advance to extraordinary.

Gurian Model All Boys Boarding School

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