Trainer, Advisor, Counselors (TACs)

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11th Grade Class OfficersResponsibilities of the Cadet Life Team

After classes have ended for the day and on the weekends, the Academy is supervised by the TAC (Trainer, Advisor, Counselor) Officers. During this time, Cadets participate in sports or PT, complete their homework, and have some time for relaxation.

As the title implies, the TAC is an adult male company leadership advisor with the fundamental obligation to train, advise, and counsel each Cadet regarding his performance and progress in meeting Academy objectives in leadership, character, and service.

TACs direct and supervise Cadets according to the performance of their assigned duties. TACs also partner with the Faculty and JROTC instructors to mentor Cadets and employ lessons learned from LET courses. It is the JROTC and military style of living that provides the necessary structure for each Cadet to maximize his potential through a variety of activities.

The Company TAC is the first point of contact for all parents who have questions about their Cadets’ living situation, discipline record, or other Cadet Life issues.

Each Company has a full time Company TAC. TACs typically arrive for work around 1400 and depart around 2300 Monday – Thursday, with variability on Friday and Sunday. They can be reached by telephone; however, e-mail is preferred for routine matters. Since TACs are expected to be with the Cadets during their duty time, they will make every effort to return phone calls or e-mails the same day, but within 24 hours in all instances.

In the event of an emergency, please contact the Operations Office at 760.547.5227 or 760.547.5228 or 760.547.5229 during times other than when the Company TAC is on duty.