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The JROTC Leadership Program

The JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) program prepares our students for leadership roles, while fostering awareness of their rights, responsibilities, and privileges as American citizens.

JROTC programs have a well-defined organizational structure, geared to foster leadership and character development. They are value-based, and expectations are clearly defined. From day one, Cadets are expected to participate in team-building activities, achieve academically, follow drill, wear uniforms properly, and ascribe to core values.

The highly respected JROTC program at the Academy gives our students the opportunity to live and grow in a setting where they regularly learn and practice leadership, guided by experienced leaders.

Cadets learn life skills like teamwork, organization, problem solving, and communication that allow them to excel both in the Corps of Cadets, as well as become tomorrow’s leaders in various fields including engineering, medicine, law, and business.

These lessons extend beyond JROTC classroom time and into the evenings. After classes and sports are over for the day, Cadets have time with Trainers, Advisor, Coaches (TAC Officers) who reinforce lessons of leadership and good character.

The Army and Navy Academy is currently an Honor Unit with Distinction. This process requires cadets to adhere to key protocols, go through various inspections, and meet the highest level of criteria as established by JROTC scoring systems.

~ Parent

“Our son attended the JROTC leadership camp, and attends ANA now for his senior year. The change in him is exactly what we have been praying to see. This is one of the best decisions that we have made and I personally believe that boys are missing out on a great opportunity to become men and leaders if they have not visited this amazing campus on the Pacific ocean. I have not seen him this motivated and determined to succeed in years. Bravo ANA!”

Army and Navy Academy awards credit toward graduation for each year of the JROTC program, consisting of four levels of Leadership Education Training (LET) instruction — each LET level must total 180 academic hours.* The main goal of all JROTC learning experiences is the Cadet’s success.

The JROTC curriculum — based on the principles of performance-based, learner-centered education — is linked to the McREL (instructional leadership resource) national standards. Every lesson and assessment actively engages students in higher-order thinking and skill performance.

The program of instruction provides the flexibility to link the standards for elective credit and additional credit in subject areas such as physical education, health, wellness, life management skills, freshman orientation, government, civics, practical and performing arts, careers and so forth.

Basic Courses LET 1   LET 2   LET 3   LET 4   TOTAL
Citizenship in Action  18  0  2  6  26
Leadership Theory & Application  18  0  12  10  40
Foundations For Success  30  0  36  16  82
Wellness, Fitness & First Aid  0  28  0  0  28
Geography, Map Skills & Environmental
 0  2  0  0  2
Citizenship in American History & Government  0  36  16  0  52
Physical Activity/Leader Assessment          
Leadership Application  20  20  20  20  80
Cadet Challenge  10  10  10  10  40
Service Learning/Community Service  10  10  10  10  40
Administration/Testing/Inspections  24  24  24  24  96
Additional Teaching & Leadership Hours  0  0  0  34  34
State & JROTC Elective          
Required Hours  50  50  50  50  200
Total Program Hours  180  180  180  180  720

* Each LET level must total 180 academic hours OR the min. number of hours required to meet school requirements for 1.0 credit in courses such as math or English.

Why Army and Navy Academy?

Army and Navy Academy believes in boys, and we are fully committed to how they learn, grow and thrive.