Army and Navy Academy’s OverDrive Digital Library

Find, borrow and enjoy eBooks and eAudiobooks from our Army and Navy Academy OverDrive Digital Library collection. This opens up a world of reading to our Cadets and ANA Community, with thousands of books available digitally, whether for academic or pleasure reading. OverDrive allows you to download eBooks and eAudiobooks to your personal devices, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Ready to Get Started?

  1. Download the OverDrive app from your device’s app store or go online to our OverDrive page.
  2. Log In. (Cadets, use your Cadet ID number. Faculty and Staff, use the first five letters of your last name. If your last name is fewer than five letters long, spell out your entire last name and then the first letters of your first name until you’ve typed five total characters, e.g. hallj for Ms. Julie Hall.)
  3. Once you’re logged in, you may check out eBooks or eAudiobooks.

Don’t See a Title You’d Like to Check Out?

Visit this page to recommend eBooks or eAudiobooks you’d like to have added to our collection.

What can the Library do for You?

Being a good reader is key to all of your classes—yes, even math! Visiting and using our library will help you as you pursue academic research needed to complete the homework or assignments given by your teachers during class. Additionally, you may want to spend some of free time choosing an eBook, book, or magazine to read.

As you learn to use the library’s resources you will find that books, reference materials and online databases are excellent sources of information. You will learn to use skills, resources and tools to:

  • Inquire, think critically and gain knowledge
  • Draw conclusions, make informed decisions and apply knowledge
  • Share knowledge and participate ethically and productively
  • Pursue personal growth.

Our Staff is here to help you find the resources or teach the skills necessary to help you become a successful student. If you need help, just ask!

Library and Resource Links

The following database links are for Cadets to use for research. Username and password for each database may be obtained from the Librarian.

Database Links

Gale Student Resources In Context
Gale Science In Context
World Book Online
Oasis OPAC
verdrive eBooks/eAudiobooks

Study Skills Links

How to Study
InfoPlease Study Skills
Refrence Desk for Homework
Virginia Tech Study Skills Self-help Information

Subject Directory Links

Yahoo! Directory

Resource Links

Library of Congress (Access to books, newspapers, maps, photographs and recordings on a variety of topics.)


OWL Purdue Online Writing Lab


Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Genetic and Rare Conditions
Kimball’s Biology Page
Mayo Clinic
National Center for Biotechnology Information
National Human Genome Research Institute
National Institute for Health (NIH)
NIH Genes and Disease
San Diego Zoo