Club Offerings

The Associated Student Body (ASB) works to encourage character development, values and a sense of respect and responsibility in Cadets.

Elected and appointed Cadets from the twelfth grade class hold the following officer positions: the President, Vice President, and Representative.  Additionally, included in the ASB is the council that is developed from class representatives from the seventh through twelfth grade classes.

Under the supervision of the ASB Director, the ASB officers meets regularly to discuss issues pertaining to the needs of the Cadets, the academy, and the community.

In addition to the ASB officers, each class will nominate for and vote for class representatives. The ASB officers and council members are expected to serve as role models for the Corps of Cadets.  They are expected to be in good standing academically as well as citizenship.

Through ASB, many clubs on campus exist for Cadets to get involved in activities outside the academic arena. Many of the clubs do community service, some are for entertainment, and others faith-based. We have a club for every type of Cadet on campus. For the 2018-2019 school year, each cadet will sign up for at least one clubs.

ASB Dances

The ASB puts on three dances per year. The first dance of the year occurs in the fall during Autumn Ball weekend. The Autumn Ball begins with the Grand March of our Cadet leaders into Duffield Sports Center. The two other dances are held during Warrior Family Weekend in March and during Alumni Weekend in May.

Girls who plan on attending dances at ANA must fill out a permission slip and bring their school ID. Events on campus such as the Ice Cream Social, Mixers, & ASB Fair require a guest event agreement. A new permission slip must be filled out each year but is only required once per year.

If you have any questions regarding dances and/or policies, please contact the ASB Director, Sarah Ortiz by email or by calling 760.547.5159.

Club Offerings:

Special Club Programs: