Economic Impact and Financials

Army and Navy Academy’s Economic Impact on Surrounding Communities

Heihn Raising the Flag

  • Number of Employees: 140
  • Number of Employees Living in Surrounding Communities: 90
  • Total Annual Payroll: $6,030,920
  • Total Annual Payroll for Employees Living in Surrounding Communities: $3,960,679
  • Percent of Payroll Supporting Surrounding Communities: 78%
  • Payroll for Contracted Employees: $439,775
  • Number of Vendors/Suppliers: 110
  • Goods and Services Purchased from Vendors/Suppliers: $922,125
  • Number of Cadets Residing on Campus: 290
  • Annual Spending by Cadets and their Families while Visiting the Academy: $630,851
  • Annual Value of Community Service Work by Cadets/Staff: $53,000
  • Estimated Valuation of Campus (Not Including Land): $27,500,000

Army and Navy Academy’s Annual Economic Impact:  $6,006,430

This model includes:

  • Employees who live, do business or spend money in Carlsbad, Oceanside, and Vista
  • Discretionary spending off campus for entertainment, meals, clothing, goods, etc.
  • $10 per hour multiplied by the total number of hours

See the Academy’s 990 Public Disclosure here.