Academic Administration

Educating Tomorrow's Leaders

For over 100 years, Army and Navy Academy has specialized in educating young men during their adolescent years—a time when they are forming the attitudes, opinions, and habits that will shape their futures.

We recognize that students learn in different ways, vary in innate ability, and come from a variety of educational backgrounds. At our school, students develop the knowledge and skills that prepare them for college.

Classes are designed to meet our students’ needs, and personalized assistance is provided through small class sizes, office hours, tutorial, and more.

Our students learn responsibility and build self-confidence. A structured day helps develop responsibility, and our students gain leadership roles as they move through the grades. They become positive role models for younger students.

We are dedicated to helping our students become confident learners and the leaders of tomorrow.

Mr. Ethan Segovia, Dean of Academics                   Ethan Segovia   

Our mission at Army and Navy Academy is to educate, mentor, and develop good character and leadership in young men.

The Academic department plays a key role in the fulfillment of this mission. It is an essential piece of the Warrior Experience. We strive not only to provide each Cadet with rigorous academics, but also to equip him with the tools necessary to apply the classroom knowledge to the real world.

Our teachers use a variety of instructional strategies in the presentation of curriculum, which allows them to meet the diverse learning needs of our students.

The core of our academic program is our team of knowledgeable and dedicated teachers, challenging college-prep curriculum, and comprehensive support system. These pieces work together to help each Cadet reach his full potential.

Small class sizes, evening office hours, classroom tutorials, structured study halls, and consistent monitoring of student progress equip Cadets with the necessary tools to succeed at the Academy, in college, and beyond.

Please contact me at any time with questions regarding your son’s academic progress or program, or simply to find out more about the exciting things that our happening in our classrooms.

What Makes a Warrior Educator?

What Cadets say about ANA Teachers:

  • Subject experts
  • Caring
  • Enthusiastic
  • Engaging
  • Inspiring
  • Passionate
  • Challenging

What teachers and administrators say:

  • Highly qualified, with a degree in the subject matter and a valid teaching credential
  • Demonstrated ability to teach
  • Dedicated to continuous improvement through professional development and certifications
  • Innovative lesson presentations
  • Active with students outside of the classroom through clubs, field trips, sports, and special events on campus