Digital Education

Army and Navy Academy is expanding its digital education program, creating classroom adventures in technology-infused learning environments. Each project requires Cadets to think critically, collaborate, communicate, and create projects together.

Mrs. Hall, Certified Digital Educator, will “push in” to classrooms approximately every other week and will teach the use of new digital tools, known as Web 2.0 tools and resources. Web 2.0 tools include 21st century methods of researching, exploring, brainstorming and presenting. Our classroom teachers will collaborate with Mrs. Hall as they teach subject content. Enjoy!


Artificial Photosynthesis PoppletPopplet is a learning tool for the iPad and web to capture and organize ideas visually, which is ideal for boys’ brains and the ways they learn best. Teachers and students can use Popplet to create graphic organizers, timelines, and more, creating a visual representation of facts and thoughts, and the relationship between them.

Here at Army and Navy Academy, Ms. McCune’s 7th grade science class used Popplet to brainstorm ideas as they worked on a project about artificial photosynthesis. Click the image to the right to see their work!

Google Slides

CaptureGoogle Slides is similar to PowerPoint, but able to accomplish so much more. The Slides app from Google allows students to collaborate in real-time, embed presentations into websites, screencast videos, and more.

Here at the Academy, Cadets create, edit, collaborate, and present, while using the computers in the Library or using their devices in their rooms. Click the image to the right to see the 7th grade students’ Google Slides presentation about artificial photosynthesis!