Athletic Department

A Message from the Athletic Department

This year, we have a very high level of participation in our eleven CIF-sanctioned sport programs, as well as the club programs at Army Navy. Some Cadets opt into multiple sports, while others join one individual team, such as surf or golf.

If a Cadet opts out of playing on an organized team, he stays in shape by participating in the physical training program. A balanced day incorporates academics, athletics and leadership training.

At Army and Navy Academy, we believe that participation in an interscholastic athletic team is an important aspect of self-discipline, motivation, and engagement.

All students are encouraged to get involved and push their physical potential. Army and Navy Academy teachers and staff place tremendous emphasis on the life lessons gained through active participation on and off the field.

Our interscholastic teams are extensions of the total educational program. An Army and Navy Academy athletic experience can positively contribute to intellectual, physical, social and emotional development.

Worn with great pride, an Army and Navy Academy athletic team is easily recognized by the traditional “black and gold” uniforms worn. While the look may have slightly changed over the past 100+ years, what this uniform stands for has not: Honor, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility and Compassion.

Our unity is our strength and Cadets embrace competition at all times.

I invite you to join us on our beautiful oceanfront campus in Carlsbad, California at one of our sporting events. Catch the infectious enthusiasm, better known on campus as “WARRIOR PRIDE.”

Warrior Proud! Warrior Strong!

Byrd Milic
Athletic Director
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Nehemiah Brunson
Assistant Athletic Director
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Jill Silver
Athletic Administrative Assistant
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